Elisabetta Scantamburlo

Art curator and Translator

“In a period of big changes (job, house, relationships...), Alejandra helped me not to feel overwhelmed by the coming together of all of them, to tackle every single element one at a time, and to see their positive sides when I could see only difficulties. She helped me to see the big picture and realize some qualities of mine in the way I am approaching this situation, which I had underestimated, or not recognised.

I appreciated a lot the way Alejandra helped me to see from another point of view situations or issues that looked problematic to me. She invited me to see also in extremes, helping me to understand that often the worst that can happen out of a difficult situation is never so bad, and that even when I see only black and white, there can be seen shades of gray, just shifting perception or just using different words to describe things. She gave me some easy and helpful practical tools, which I can use in my everyday life.

She has a kind, sweet but at the same time determined way to speak to you. It is certainly also personal, but I felt at ease from the beginning with her. I also enjoyed her sharing some private experiences I could relate to.”

Alejandra Sarrablo