Emily Graham

Nurse and Photographer


“Before I started my life coaching sessions I was feeling unsure about making a leap into starting a photography business. I am a nurse and a mum of two and, even though I knew that photography would be a flexible and fun way of making extra money, I felt uneasy about giving up nursing to do it. Alejandra quickly made me realise that it didn't have to be an either-or decision and that it would be possible to have both the stability and long term career progression of nursing while simultaneously running a photography business on the side. Once I had realised that running my own business was a possibility, Alejandra was able to adapt her life coaching style and take a mentoring approach with me. Over the next few sessions she helped me channel my energy and focus on what needed to be done with very practical step by step advice. But more importantly for me she taught me how to ask myself the right questions when I get stuck. Now when I have a barrier such as self doubt I am able to go through a mental process which will help me to work things out on my own.

She was warm and sensitive and made me feel relaxed when telling her my worries and doubts. Her positivity and enthusiasm was infectious and her practical advice and step by step approach to problem solving made me feel empowered.

One of Alejandra's main strengths is that she is a good listener. I was often surprise at how good her memory was when she would remind me of things that I had said in previous sessions. I found this reassuring as it made me feel like she was really listening to me and thinking of strategies to help my situation. I liked hearing about her life and her journey as a professional. For me it's comforting to know that the person who is life coaching you has had similar experiences.”

Alejandra Sarrablo